With so many courses being taught online right now due COVID, I am more than happy to give a guest lecture related to my research in courses. If you are interested, please just send me an email (colleenbove@gmail.com) and we can chat!

I love talking about coral reefs and my research to a wide variety of audiences. Since it is difficult for many people to get to coral reefs (especially around my inland institution), I am happy to bring a digital coral reef to them! If you are interested in bringing in a coral reef scientist, let me know!



Examples of previous outreach:

I defended my PhD as COVID-19 set in so it was performed virtually. My experience is featured in an iScience article about virtual PhD/Maters defenses during the COVID-19 pandemic by Michelle Muzzio: The Generation of Virtual Defenders.

UNC Marine Sciences 50th Anniversary Open Lab Night

Scientist Saturday in the Lab at the Durham Museum of Life and Science

UNC Science Expo (every spring) as a part of the North Carolina Science Festival

High School Environmental Club guest speaker

Guest lecturer for several graduate and undergraduate courses



Lesson Plans: 

Ocean Acidification- Are Our Oceans Really Turning into Acid?